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This page showcases some of the websites and services I have developed.

Anna Matveeva

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Anna Matveeva is a medical psychologist, EMDR-therapist.

Anna has been working with adults individually and in group psychotherapy format for more than 9 years. Effectively helps her clients to achieve qualitative changes in their lives. The basis of her work is:

- Personality-oriented reconstructive psychotherapy (PORPT) - psychoanalytic direction. The study of a person’s history, the history of their relationships (to themselves, to people, to the world), and how these relationships are built, changed, broken, returned to normal.

- EMDR (Eye Movement Psychotherapy of Emotional Trauma) is an effective, scientifically proven method that helps to reduce and eliminate not only current stress, but also serious consequences of traumatic experiences in a fairly short period of time.

- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an excellent way to structure, explore behaviors and underlying beliefs, and work with symptomatology.

The created website fulfills a range of functions, including both informational support (information about the services provided, prices, contacts) and the possibility to make an appointment for patients.

The main functionality of the site is based on the ability to schedule client appointments without the need to use additional applications. The calendar on the site automatically synchronizes with Anna’s Google calendar on her smartphone, taking into account all existing entries in the calendar – regardless of whether each specific entry is an appointment or a private entry. Anna can mark certain days as working days, indicating the duration of the workday. As a result, a patient’s appointment immediately appears in the calendar on the smartphone and contains all the necessary information. Anna also receives a notification about the booking in Telegram, which allows her to stay informed about a new patient appointment. There is also an option to differentiate between online and offline patients.


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Sometimes we just need a good old website, without any extras like database connection, admin panel etc. There are several ways to build a website which serves static HTML files, and this approach has many disadvantages: each page is being loaded individually, but we definitely don’t want to go back to the 2000s. Another disadvantage of modern websites is that nobody thinks about users who are still using “old-school” 3G or even 2G networks and don’t want to wait minutes for a simple page to load.

SPA (single page application) is a good solution which doesn’t require to reload each page when its content needs an update. But the problem is that those websites are being completely rendered on client side, so not every search engine will be able to crawl them. A good solution is to render the page on the server side (server-side rendering) and “activate” the SPA mode afterwards (re-hydrate). When a user wants to get to another page, a small chunk of data will be loaded from server, and there is no need to reload a page completely.

Putting it all together, the idea is to create a framework so everyone (having a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS) will be able to build a website which is going to be fast, using SSR approach and easy to fill with unlimited number of pages. This is where the Heretic comes into play.

The website allows users to briefly familiarize themselves with the capabilities of the system, go to the demo version, and read a brief installation guide. Also available is the license text and a link to the project’s Github page.


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The security company “Tverichanin” provides security for objects of any complexity. Qualified personnel and a full range of security services. Security of facilities is provided by employees of various levels. All employees are dressed in uniforms with distinctive signs.

Ensuring the safety of different objects is the main task of “Tverichanin” LLC. Professional security meets all requirements for safety and security of their property. The organization solves all necessary issues, providing an opportunity to focus on business operations.

The organization employs security guards living exclusively in St. Petersburg or the Leningrad region. The management of “Tverichanin” LLC has solid experience of service in various security structures of the Russian Federation, a staff of qualified specialists, the possibility of close cooperation with law enforcement agencies. “Tverichanin” pays maximum attention to all customer needs, with transparency and honesty being a priority.

MSB Security

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For several years now, the private security company “MSB Security” has been successfully operating in the Russian market in the field of security, providing its clients with a wide range of high-quality services.

Ensuring safe operation of a variety of objects is the main task of the security company. Professional security fully meets all requests for property protection and business security. “MSB Security” will help solve organizational issues related to security. By entrusting “MSB Security” with the organization of your enterprise’s security, you gain the opportunity to focus directly on running your business.

From the very first days of its existence, the organization has proven itself to be a reliable and stable partner, able to deal with tasks of any complexity.


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Jonacor Marine has been working in the yachting market for more than 10 years. The system of yacht search and booking developed by me has direct access to bases of charter operators all over the world.

No special knowledge and skills are required to work with the system. Everything is simple: you set the conditions of yacht search, the system checks its availability in real time and confirms the reservation by phone call.

The automated script downloads information about yachts from various providers' websites and then provides an opportunity to book the desired yacht based on its availability in real time.

Timofei Goriashin

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Timofei Goriashin (born 1989 in St. Petersburg) is a guitarist, music teacher, and media composer who was born and raised in a family of musicians. He graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts with a major in “big band performer (guitar)” in 2018. He started his musical journey at the age of 15 when he became a member of various musical bands, where he explored different genres, from punk rock to psychedelic rock, with inclusions of various techniques and instruments.

From 2016 to 2021, he worked as a guitar teacher at a children’s music school. Since 2021, he has been conducting private guitar lessons. In 2021, he relocated to Moscow to pursue studies at the Sound Design Institute and graduated with honors in 2022. He is also recognized for his work as an author of music for trailer libraries.

Starting in 2020, Timofei has been involved as a composer in the production of nine short films. He achieved notable success, winning the “Native Instruments” competition in 2021. Additionally, he reached the finals of the “ArtMasters-2022” Creative Competence Championship in the category of “Media Composer.” During the championship finale, he collaborated with a live symphony orchestra.


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Lema Publishing House has been on the printing market since 2001. The main types of products manufactured are: books, abstracts, dissertations A5 and A4, diplomas, magazines, brochures, booklets, leaflets, business cards and much more.